GWF Onslaught

HCW brings the "Hottest half hour in pro wrestling" Wrestling Show Plus to BEN Television via the SKY network channel 238 across the UK & Europe and via the StarTime Network channel 244 across Africa each & every Friday night at 12.30am UK Time. Officially shown in over 12 countries

HCW has been providing top quality pro wrestling all over the UK since 1998.
We run regular shows throughout the country and have welcomed many top stars from WWE, TNA, ECW and the legends of World of Sport TV on ITV.

HCW ranking of 2018

HCW International champion:

Lewis Blain managed by Miss Peggie Lee

HCW Heavyweight champion:

"Preacher" Mike Kash

HCW Light Heavyweight champion:

The Foxcatcher

HCW World Six Man Tag Team champions:

The UK Freebirds

1. Dan Striker

2. "Mr#1"Jonny Rose

3. Cousin Dave

4. "Modern Day Savage" Chris Cage

5. "Maple leaf" Matt Adams

6. Damian Shaw

7. Nick Flag

8. T.C Brown

9. Tom Bond

10. "Golden Boy" Josh Andrews with manager Tommy Memphis

Missing in action Slapshot who even tho was ready to wrestle last Thursday was unable to fight when Blue Tiger II pulled out but to HCW booking the original Blue Tiger to return at RumbleMania.

Badstreet who was taken to a medical facility last Thursday night when Matt Adams pulled him off the ring leaving him unconscious.