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Graham Slam was a huge success! What a night with hard hitting action, surprises and everything you could want.

  • Nobe Bryant defeated Johnny Solo
  • The FJA defeated Prince Airnon and El Sapo to become the new GWF tag team champions
  • "Solid Gold" Greg Symonds unsuccessfully answered the open challenge of Chuck Murphy (since Joey Garcia couldn't make it) for his light heavyweight title when Chuck hit him with the title .  
  • Slam Nation (Sam Haul & Drew Weston) and Josh Montgomery defeated Lou Gotti Sterrett, Big Sed & Marcus Rose by disqualification
  • In the main event for the GWF heavyweight title, champion Jacob Kilgore started off against Terrale Tempo then "Dirty" Andy Dalton came out and pushed for a 3 way match which was accepted. In the end, Jacob Kilgore got the win and is still GWF heavyweight champion.                                                                      

  all pictures by Crown Jules Images/FX

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A Benefit For Clark's is officially over but it was a great night in Tioga. Unfortunately, Joshua Eberhardt was injured while giving a coast to coast dropkick, he crushed vertebrae in his back. We love Josh and wish him a speedy recovery, he's in our thoughts and prayers. The matches were fantastic and the crowd was amazing!

  • In the opening match D. Smiley defeated Jay Asce in a fast paced, exciting match
  • Match 2 the GWF Light Heavyweight Title was on the line when "The 8-Bit Punk" Zero defeated Carlos Esquivel and Tyler Jett in a 3 way elimination match
  • Match 3 was for the vacant GWF Television Title and Danny Saint scored the win over Lazarus James to become the new GWF Television champion
  • Match 4 saw the returning Scotty Master Blaster beat the challenge of Quinlan's new find, Pinguino Jackson
  • Match 5 saw Quinlan barely steal the win from Xavier Daniels. After the match, Daniels destroyed Jackson
  • Match 6 Joshua Eberhardt and The Bad Boys (Lil Tony and Seph Annunaki) defeated Big Sed, Johnny Solo and Chris Summers
  • The MAIN EVENT saw a stand out match where Jacob Kilgore successfully defend the GWF Heavyweight Title against Lou Sterrett in an amazing match that saw the ref getting knocked out and half of the roster getting involved.

GWF Onslaught 

A Benefit For Clark's

Friday, March 18, 2016

@ Tioga School in Tioga, Tx

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